The Story so far pt. 1

The adventurers find themselves in a town called Arness and are looking for action, money, fame and the like. They quickly find a job board of sorts and discover that a… actually this all happened a while ago so I can’t remeber if they did the one with the magical flower or the one with Kurt Redmane.

I’m going to start with the one about Kurt Redmane. The adventurers hear that Kurt is trying to get a load of pelts (Arness’ main export) up to Emphura during a time when the fastest roads are very dangerous. (Kurt is ambitious) Due to the danger, he has taken it upon himself to hire a large number of guards that aren’t afraid of anything to come up with him on this multi-day journey and back for good wages, anything they loot off any attackers, and a bonus if they succesfully defend against attackers.

kurt has also hired two other guards before the PCs arrive, but hires the PCs as well. The hired guards are Juric and Cade

All too predictably, they are attacked by a gang of goblins, and fight them off without too much difficulty. They are paid 100gp for their work, as well as the loot, which included a wand that was weilded by a goblin cleric that was lobbing fire at them… before he had his head cut off.


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